2015 McLaren 650s


I’ve always liked McLarens. As a kid I remember playing Need for Speed on my Gateway computer and always choosing the McLaren F1 as my go to racer. They’ve graced my walls and the desktop of my computer. I knew I liked them but this photoshoot has brought that to a new level, now I love McLarens. This particular one is a 2015 McLaren 650s and as you can see, it’s beautiful. The owner, Rob Swan, agreed to meet us at our local Airpark in Durango, Colorado to let us pour over his pride and joy. It’s one thing to see this car in pictures but its a whole different experience in person.


Before you even see it, you hear it. It makes a noise unlike anything else on the road. This one is even more aggressive thanks to the AWE Tuning exhaust that Rob fitted to it immediately after he purchased it. A wise choice if you ask me. This takes the already incredible 641hp up to a mind numbing 671hp. Once he turned it off we began to look over all the little details that make this machine truly beautiful. Things like the carbon fiber active spoiler, or the clever McLaren logo shaped headlights really show that the devil is in the details.


A set of Pirelli P-Zero tires makes sure that all that power actually makes to the ground, and the massive carbon ceramic brakes on all four corners gives you the peace of mind to know you can stop it. Rob wisely had the entire car wrapped in a self healing clear vinyl to protect one of the deepest and most expertly applied paint jobs I’ve ever laid eyes on. With the doors open it almost looked more likely to fly than the airplanes that we used as a backdrop. Rob told us that he had looked at other options, mostly Ferrari and Lamborghini, but nothing was as unique as the 650s. It’s hard to argue with that when you see the car in person, it has a presence that I have seldom seen in a car, it’s menacing even when its standing still.





30 24

Words by James Bisogno      Photos by Shane Bisogno


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